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Working with an experienced editor will bring you closer to your ultimate goal – whether that’s getting your manuscript ready to submit to publishers; or publishing as an indie author.

“Working with Nicola was a crash course in novel writing. I took her detailed structural edit in hand and reworked, filled out, cut, layered, fell in love with my characters and found magic.” DM Cameron, Beneath the Mother Tree

Structural Edit

A structural edit helps you look at your manuscript from a reader’s perspective

Which point of view have you chosen to tell your characters’ stories?

Do the characters and plots suit your chosen genre and readership?

Are your characters active and engaging?

Is the story structure sufficiently compelling?

“Engaging Nicola for a structural edit of my debut novel was a watershed decision – I wouldn’t have a book deal without her brilliant revisions. Her input ramped up my story by several gears and at the same time made it more believable.” Sara Donovan, Love By Numbers

What will you get in a structural edit?

A written report that:

Analyses the key elements of story-telling in your manuscript (e.g. point of view, story structure, plot, characterisation, pace, setting, themes)

Offers advice on genre and readership (e.g. does your manuscript fulfil readers’ expectations?)

Helps you identify your story’s strengths

Provides practical suggestions to help you fix problems and make your story the best it can be.

“Nicola has worked with me over some years and several books. That editorial eye, that other point of view, is so precious. Especially when you know it’s coming from someone who likes the process of story generation, and is non-judgemental.” Posie Graeme-Evans, Wild Wood, The Island House, The Dressmaker

How much does a structural edit cost? 

Up to 70,000 words: AU$1700

Up to 80,000 words: AU$1950

Up to 90,000 words: AU$2210

Up to 100,000 words: AU$2350

Up to 110,000 words: AU$2550

Up to 120,000 words: AU$2700

Up to 130,000 words: AU$2850

Up to 150,000 words: AU$3150

“Working with Nicola has been one of the great pleasures of my career. I have found her a sympathetic editor who works from the perspective of what I am trying to achieve. I always feel that we are on the same team – working together to make a book the very best it can be for the enjoyment of readers.” – Belinda Alexandra, author of Sapphire Skies, Golden Earrings, Tuscan Rose, Silver Wattle, Wild Lavender, White Gardenia

If you’d like me to work with you on your manuscript, please email: nicola[at]

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