Skype feedback session

Fee: $225

Ask me to read the first 5000 words of your novel or memoir and your synopsis (maximum 450 words), and I’ll give you feedback in a 45-minute Skype meeting. I’ll also send you a copy of the notes I made during my read.

I offer two Skype feedback sessions per month, so please email me if you’d like to make a booking: nicola[at]

Structural editing

Fee: $75 per hour

A structural edit looks at narrative voice, point of view, story structure, plot, characterisation, pace, setting, themes. Does the narrative voice suit the content? Are there missing scenes, or places where the plot gets off track? Are the characters’ motivations, actions and dialogue believable? Is each scene moving the story forward? Does the work start and finish strongly? Is the manuscript’s genre clearly identifiable? Is the manuscript hitting the mark for its intended readership?

Up to 80,000 words: maximum fee of $1500
Up to 100,000 words: maximum fee of $1875
Up to 120,000 words: maximum fee of $2250

Copy editing

Fee: $65 per hour

Copy editing involves reading a manuscript for language, style, sentence structure, expression, spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency of content, and fact-checking. It’s an intensive, time-consuming process, but it’s also what gives a book a professional finish. Depending on the length of the work, the complexity of the content, the density of the language/syntax and the amount of mark-up required, it might take anywhere from 30 to 70 hours to copy edit a manuscript.

If you’re planning to send your manuscript to a publisher, there’s no need to have it copy edited. The publisher will pay for a copy edit once the manuscript has been contracted.

I offer copy editing services to indie authors via ebookedit.

To talk to me about your project, please email me at: nicola[at]

Please note: I’m fully booked for freelance editing and development work at the moment, except for Skype feedback sessions. I recommend looking for an experienced editor through the Freelance Editors’ Network, or the Society of Editors in your state.